This document - to be intended as an integral and substantial part of the privacy policy, pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation no. 679/2016, available at the following link - is intended to inform users about the cookies used by Aptus.AI S.r.l. on its own website – (“Website”) - and to provide information on how they can be managed.

Cookies are text files (letters and/or numbers) containing packets of information that are stored on the user's computer or mobile device every time the user visits a website through a browser or a web application ("Cookies"). On each subsequent visit, the browser sends the Cookies back to the website that generated them

Cookie Type: Technical Cookies necessary and functional for navigation

Cookies necessary for navigation
Nature: technical Cookies.
Purpose: these are Cookies that are indispensable to ensure the correct operability of the Website, as they allow the user to navigate within it and to use its basic functionalities. Under no circumstances do these Cookies collect information that can be used for commercial purposes. These necessary cookies are used to, among other things: (i) store the data provided by the user during a browser session; (ii) keep the user's preferences and credentials active while browsing the Website; (iii) display content in the chosen language each time the user logs in, recognising which country the user is connecting from (and remembering this setting in future logins). For the correct functioning of the Website, the Cookies necessary for navigation are required, as disabling them may prevent, or significantly impair, the ability to navigate on the Website.
Collected data: navigation data.
Duration: session Cookies.

Cookies functional for navigation:
Nature: technical Cookie.
Purpose: these are Cookies which make the use of the Website more user-friendly. These Cookies are intended to facilitate and speed up the use of the Website, but they are not essential to be able to navigate on the Website and disabling them will only reduce the usability of the Website.
Collected data: navigation data and preferences displayed during navigation.
Duration: session and permanent Cookies.

Cookie Type: Third-party analytical cookies that do not allow identification

: analytical Cookies provided and managed by Google LLC.
Purpose: these are Cookies designed to monitor, in an anonymous and aggregate form, the statistical analysis of user traffic on the Website in order to adapt and improve the Website according to the results of such analysis, in accordance with the interests shown by users.
Collected data: data relating to the user's computer and visit to the Website and which, in no case, allow the Data Controller to directly and uniquely identify the user to whom they relate, such as: (i) the domain from which the user accesses the Internet; (ii) the web address from which the user connected to the Website, if available; (iii) the date and time of the connection to the Website, the duration of the connection and which pages were visited; (iv) the internet protocol (IP) address of the user, provided that certain portions are "masked"; (v) the operating system of the computer and the browser used by the user; (vi) the aggregate demographic detail of the users accessing the Website; (vii) the username for accessing the Website , if available.
Duration: session Cookies.
For more information on Google's analytical cookies, the user can refer to the following webpage:
Location: Europe. 

Cookie Type: Consent and banners, Cookies for which consent is not required and Cookies for which consent is required, banners

Cookies for which consent is not required
The Data Controller uses technical Cookies that are necessary and functional for navigation and third-party analytical Cookies, which do not allow the direct and unique identification of the user, for the operation of which no user consent is required.
Cookies for which consent is required
Users may give their consent to the use of social media Cookies and third-party marketing Cookies, as described above, in the manner indicated on the banner visible to the users when they first visit the Website, or, subsequently, by clicking on the "Show Details" button.If consent is not given, only technical and analytical Cookies will operate on the Website.

Cookie Type: Activation and deactivation of Cookie banners, 'Manage preferences', access to browser control panels, Your Online Choices service

The activation or deactivation of the Cookies used on the Website can be carried out at any time according to the indications contained in this Cookie Policy, which is accessible via link in the banner and on each page of the Website (footer). However, the Data Controller specifies that deactivating technical Cookies may prevent correct navigation on the Website and/or limit its usability. Consequently, in order to make better use of the services accessible via the Website, the user is strongly advised not to proceed with the deactivation of these technical Cookies.
By clicking on the "Show Details" button, users can: (i) manage their preferences with regard to the Cookies operating on the Website, choosing analytically the features, third parties and the Cookies they wish to install; (ii) give consent to the use of all Cookies on the Website, if not previously given, or withdraw their consent to the use of all Cookies on the Website, if already given, even in one go. With regard to all the Website's Cookies, the user will be able to change the settings for them in the manner provided in the control panels of the browser used, such as for example:
Microsoft Edge :  

Moreover, with specific reference to profiling Cookies, in addition to the possibility to use the tools provided by the browser to activate or deactivate individual Cookies, the Data Controller informs the user that the website lists the main providers that collaborate with website operators to collect and use information useful for the enjoyment of behavioural advertising. 
The user can deactivate or activate all companies or, alternatively, adjust his preferences for each company individually. To this end, the user can use the tool on to control each behavioural advertising preference when browsing the Internet.