Artificial Intelligence to empower humans

The digitalization process requires a new approach to enhance text documents and free their real value. We do this with the power of our adaptable AI.
Aptus.AI isn't about business.
It’s shared goals and values
Shaping knowledge, making it digitally available for anyone in the world. Revolutionizing the way people access contents - text, images, audio -, disclosing new and illimitate possibilities of understanding for everyone. Enhancing human skills exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence. Become the best in using technology to serve humans, always staying true to us.
We are revolutionary
Our work will revolutionize the interaction between humans and digital contents. And our revolution isn't just about technology, but conceptual: we aim to change the way human beings and machines interact with information. Our human revolution is armed with Artificial Intelligence.
We need
(and we want)
to adapt
Our planet is running faster than ever. Everything changes at an unprecedented speed, society and relationships too. People need to access many different information sources, but they’re lacking innovative tools to free the true value of these contents. Our adaptable AI meets this need.
We believe in freedom… and mostly we live it
Believing in freedom? Everyone does. We’re rather focused on living it actually. Which is also the only way to drive a change. We’re not afraid to make unconventional choices, neither to be honest. We are free - to avoid impositions or pointless activities, to seek our path.
Our inclusivity? Actually listen to everyone
Listening is one of our fundamental values. No opinion isn’t worthy to be heard, no idea worthy to be considered. Everyone in Aptus.AI has the right to speak and the duty to listen. Unthinkable inputs can come from anyone. Including all means being a winning team.
We are multidisciplinary, therefore creative
Machine Learning and Data Science experts, NLP researchers and designers, young managers and expert consultants, graphics and philosophers. Ancient Greeks thought that the universe came from chaos. Our caos is controlled. It is an interdisciplinary approach that enhances everyone’s skills, making us creative and innovative.
We believe
in a human technology
We don’t want AI to substitute humans. Actually we don’t believe it’s possible. We aim to automate repetitive tasks and save time for human-centric and value-added activities. Our technologies enhance people’s awareness, offering them new understanding opportunities.
We want an accessible knowledge
It’s crazy that so many contents - often most important ones - aren’t digitally available even today. Each information - regulations, contracts, papers - should be accessible for everyone. Today we work to bridge the gap between people and law, soon we’ll be working to transform any information source into accessible and interactive digital contents.
We are committed by passion… like athletes
Aptus.AI is a real entrepreneurs team. Sure, there are positions and roles, responsibilities and duties. But - no matter the court position - each one of us shares the competitive energy, the will to fight for our goals. Our daily commitment is based on beliefs and desire to win.
Our dream? Revolutionizing the community we love
We know very well how difficult it is innovating in Italy - and from Italy. But history tells us that we can become great here, without escaping. We look also at the world's excellences to revolutionize our community.
We’re not lacking anything, but we always seek
At Aptus.AI we already have all we need to grow and reach our goals. We’re not lacking anything to pursue our revolution. But we’d be stupid and short-sighted if we weren’t always seeking the truth and open to people like us. To those who share our values and goals. Are you one of them?
Aptus.AI revolution

When Aptus.AI was created in 2018, the two founders' idea was to allow everyone to have the chance to digitally consult and get to understand laws, agreements, books, articles - in a word: any text.
In these years we've worked specifically for compliance professionals, allowing them to easily access and navigate financial regulations, exploiting our AI-powered machine readable version of them.

Today we create innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions that provide people with digital tools to access knowledge.
Our AI products empower companies, letting people save time for human-centric and value-added activities. And we move forward to bring our revolution to anyone in the world.

Ready to join our revolution?