From COVID-19… back to the future
June 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global crisis on several levels: from lives of individuals to the role of different international and national organizations. These weeks – at least since March – and these days are part of a crisis, in the true sense of the word. The word crisis comes from the ancient Greek verb for “distinguish, consider, evaluate” and it doesn’t have a negative meaning. A crisis is a time when all of us have the necessity to evaluate what to lose and leave behind, but also – and more importantly – the chance to choose what to carry with us. This COVID-19 crisis forces all of us to distinguish the elements that will be actually useful in the future, maybe the elements without which the future would even be impossibile. We think especially to concepts and values, rights and duties. Many essential elements are involved, but they also will need to change to be saved.

There are mainly three aspects that represent the core of Aptus.AI company mission and, at the same time, will be essential in the constitution of the post COVID-19 world:

  • constitutional state
  • technology
  • intelligence applied to practical issues

Law is obviously indispensable for our society: there’s no sector or field which is not governed by a regulation, which is also the main and more immediate answer of the society to any crisis. The regulatory and law fields will be the ground on which the post COVID-19 planet update will be played.

Also technology has expanded its sphere of action: ventilators, vaccines, antiviral drugs, traveling monitoring, distance selling, state aid access – and much more – depend on technology, especially the informatics.

Finally, nowadays intelligence is usually applied to productive issues: we think a lot about how to do things and not about why. The how-to will always remain central, as we need to immediately identify solutions to answer to the needs that this pandemic has brought up again: from mere survival to the possibility to work and meet other humans. It will be more and more crucial to use intelligence to act quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Aptus.AI’s ambition is actually to bring how-to and why together. Quickness and efficiency are actually functional to human beings and to their various activities if they are capable to enhance all of that productive assets which technology will never be able to substitute: human skills and time.

That’s why Aptus.AI’s Artificial Intelligence is not thought to do without human beings, but it aims to allow them to look to the future with hope and serenity. This is really essential to work in a better way and give more value to time. Aptus.AI is living in this future for three years already, creating innovative and disruptive solutions. One of them is Daitomic, a system in which regulations, technology and applied intelligence meet together.

This AI software is an innovative solution for the RegTech market as it provides a legal inventory constantly updated in real-time. Daitomic is interactive and easy to use, aiming to help compliance professional of any sector in their daily work. This COVID-19 crisis has clearly showed how the compliance and audit operations constitute an essential, but at the same time nonproductive activity. Many regulations are changing and many other will change: Daitomic was born exactly in order to help compliance professionals keep up with new regulations, avoiding errors and saving time for value-added activities.

So, to be honest, Aptus.AI has already been working for years to build our life after the crisis. In this troubled times, we don’t lose our heart and indeed we are always seeking for those who want to work together to be – quickly and peacefully – back to the future.