Human Intelligence in the AI age: why skills matter more than ever
February 12, 2020

On Saturday 15th February our CTO Lorenzo will give a talk to the High School students from “Liceo Mazzini” in La Spezia.

Presenting Aptus.AI achievements, Lorenzo will show how today Artificial Intelligence is an enabling technology that lets professionals focus on value-added activities, delegating to machines the repetitive activities. In this scenario it is very important for students, who will have to take important decisions about their future, to understand two important factors, namely:

  • having a deep knowledge about of all the aspects related to the job they choose, so that they will be able to focus on value-added activities;
  • acquiring expertise in modern Information Technologies, independently from their area of expertise, in order to be able to interact efficiently with complex IT systems.

As a practical example, part of the speech will be dedicated to Daitomic, Aptus.AI product for Regulatory Compliancy and Legal Inventory. Thanks to Aptus.AI Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Daitomic unpacks laws, identifies and resolves the links to other regulations and extracts semantic information. Through this tool, compliance officers of the banks have reduced the workload for regulatory tracking by 83%. The saved time can thus be moved to more value-added activities.