That’s where we belong: thanks Web Summit!


Numbers and highlights from Web Summit 2021… waiting for 2022

We talked about really high expectations for this 2021 edition of the Web Summit. Well, they’ve been met. Maybe also exceeded, at least for us at Aptus.AI. Our experience in Lisbon has been really great, leaving us the awareness that we still need to grow and get much better, but also that our team has all that it takes to succeed in that. But let’s say something about the conference. More than 42.000 attendees, 128 countries represented, more than 700 speakers and 850 investors. Not enough? From November 1st to 4th, the Web Summit 2021 has also brought together more than 200 partners and 1.500 startups, followed by nearly 1.900 media. Really amazing numbers. Numbers which have resulted in fruitful meetings, great sessions and events. To get a little taste, we suggest you the one-minute highlights video published on the event website home page. Which is already focused on the 2022 edition - just like us.

Aptus.AI in Lisbon: reinforced team and stronger motivations

We could stop here, as no words would be enough to let you really appreciate what the Web Summit has been. So we think it’s better just to say what this event has represented for us at Aptus.AI. First of all, the feeling of returning to meet people in presence from all over the world - mainly from Europe, but also from the USA and not only - was really exciting. Then, the chance to listen to inspiring speakers left us new knowledge and ideas which surely will help us in our growth. In addition to this, taking part in the most important event for the web, and for the tech industry in general, has obviously been the chance to raise the awareness about Aptus.AI, as a startup, and about Daitomic, as the game changer in the RegTech market. Especially the second day, when we had our company booth and we managed to meet new potential partners and investors. Finally this experience made us to come back stronger and reinforced as a team. Spending four entire days together, having the possibility and the time to discuss our business and our work - on one hand -, but also about personal thoughts and expectations - on the other hand -, has strengthened our connection and motivations. In brief: we’ve lived exactly the experience we were looking for before leaving for Lisbon - and that was great!

Encouraging endorsements from the FinTech world

Without examining deeply all the ideas we’ve collected, we can also quote a couple of observations that sounded like encouraging take-home messages by two of the conference’s speakers. The first in chronological order came from Zachary Perret, Co-founder and CEO at Plaid, who said that one of the reasons for the success of his FinTech company is that “financial institutions are slower”, especially in respect to the time they need to keep up with regulatory updates. Well, our Artificial Intelligence platform - Daitomic - exists exactly to help financial institutions and FinTech companies to deal with regulatory updates. Then, another confirmation about Daitomic can be found in these words of Raffael Johnen - Founder and CEO at auxmoney: “Sometimes regulations follow innovations, as in the case of cryptocurrencies, while sometimes it is the opposite, like what happened with PSD2”. This represents a clear expression of the need of adequate tools to let technology and financial regulations coexist in the increasingly complex banking context. Not two bad endorsements, right?

Media curiosity and companies’ interest: Daitomic’s success at Web Summit

Now that the focus is set on Daitomic, it’s the moment to face the most important result of Aptus.AI’s Web Summit 2021: the interest that our AI solution aroused in all the people who came across the platform. First of all, the media. We got interviewed by two web magazines addressing the innovation and the banking fields. The first was by Innovation Nation, for which we thank Silvia Fabbi, who has already published a really accurate article about our work, focusing mostly on the technological aspects of our RegTech solution. The second interview was for AziendaBanca, in which the financial journalist Alberto Grisoni has addressed especially the issues related to the banking world (article to be published). In both cases Daitomic has aroused the interest of the two reporters. Just like it did with all the people who stopped by our booth or encountered us through the pavilions of the Web Summit. Many members of different companies got in touch with us, laying the foundation for future partnerships and cooperation. We could go on for many other lines, but we guess that these elements can be enough to give you a taste of what we’ve lived and gained in Lisbon. And to you who read this post, we can only say: get in touch with us and join our network to learn more about us and our AI RegTech solution, Daitomic.