Waiting for 2023, here’s a recap of Aptus.AI’s 2022: what a year!


From the Fintech Milano Hub to the Web Summit, through Fin+Tech… here’s our great 2022

For us at Aptus.AI 2022 has been a really intense and positive year. During this year, in fact, we made many steps towards our goals. And it was also a fundamental year in the development and growth of Daitomic - our RegTech SaaS. We can say that Aptus.AI’s 2022 has been a really great year: but let’s recap together the most important moments of this ending year.

  • APRIL 12th: Fin+Tech Accelerator Demo Day
    Our CEO Andrea Tesei presents Daitomic during the Fin+Tech Accelerator Demo Day
  • MAY 12th: H-FARM Storming Pizza
    Our AI proprietary technology is presented by our CEO Andrea Tesei to the H-FARM audience
  • MAY 12th: EFIF Meeting on RegTech
    Our CEO Andrea Tesei presents our machine readable regulations as a RegTech case study at the EFIF (European Forum of Innovation Facilitators) meeting
  • MAY 19-20th: Reach Incubator Datathon
    Our proprietary AI technologies is presented during the Reach Incubator Datathon
  • JUNE 17th: CREDEM Banca Innovation Breakfast
    Our CEO Andrea Tesei presents Daitomic during the CREDEM Banca Innovation Breakfast
  • JUNE 29th - JULY 1st: CliC-it Conference
    Our CTO Lorenzo De Mattei and our ML Engineer Samuel Fabrizi present two papers produced by our team during the Computational Linguistics Italian Conference in Milan
  • JULY 19th: AI Forum 2022
    Our team takes part in the AI Forum, organized in Padua by the AI Italian Association

  • SEPTEMBER 28-29th: Tech Chill Milan 2022
    Our team takes part in the TechChill Milan 2022 at the Bocconi University
  • SEPTEMBER 28-29th: Forum Banca 2022
    During the Forum Banca 2022, our CEO Andrea Tesei gives a speech about Daitomic
  • OCTOBER 27th: Fin+Tech Accelerator Pitch Day
    Our CTO Lorenzo De Mattei presents Daitomic at the Fin+Tech Accelerator Pitch Day
  • NOVEMBER 1st-4th: Web Summit 2022
    Our team goes to Lisbon to take part in the Web Summit 2022

  • NOVEMBER 14th: publication of the Deloitte Report about RegTech
    Aptus.AI is included in the report by Deloitte titled “Open Innovation in RegTech: Methodology and use cases of successful startup - corporate collaboration in a highly regulated environment”
  • NOVEMBER 16th: Opificio Innova Talk organized by INNOIS and Fondazione di Sardegna
    Our CEO Andrea Tesei gives a speech as an AI expert about “Human skills and power of Artificial Intelligence. The relationship between people and digital contents”
  • NOVEMBER 23-25th: Salone dei Pagamenti 2022
    As the conclusion of our path alongside the Bank of Italy in the Fintech Milano Hub, Aptus.AI is invited to the Salone dei Pagamenti 2022, where our CEO Andrea Tesei takes part in the closing plenary session of the Call for Proposals 2021, attended also by Ignazio Visco and Alessandra Perrazzelli (the Governor and the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy)

And now… let’s keep on growing and chasing after our goals in 2023!

Well, Aptus.AI’s 2022 has been a really great year. This is why we are already working to make sure that 2023 will be as successful and exciting as this ending year. In the end, all that remains is to wish you a happy new year… and to invite you to keep following us!