Web Summit 2021: let’s meet in Lisbon!
October 26, 2021

The event that “bridges the gap between creativity and tech”

“The best technology conference on the planet” is how Forbes has defined the Web Summit, whose website proudly reports this statement in its website home page. “The giants of the web assemble” (Wall Street Journal), “Europe largest Tech event” (CNBC) and “World’s best speakers” (Inc.) are just some other definitions provided by the media about the Web Summit. We have already taken part as Aptus.AI in the 2019 edition, the last held in presence before the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are really proud and excited to be a part of this again, and again in person.

Summing up “the world’s premier tech conference” (Politico)

The mentioned definitions should already have communicated how this event is important for the tech industry, both for big technology companies and also for fast-growing startups. Especially this year the expectations are really high for two reasons. The first is the return of the event in presence after the virtual 2020 edition - a feeling that all of us have missed in the last year. The second is the constant increase of importance and prominence of technology in our world, both on an economic and social level. The Web Summit has been facing these topics since 2009, when the conference started as a mix of bloggers, journalists and technologists in a Dublin hotel. Now the Web Summit company holds events across the world (Web Summit in Lisbon and Tokyo, Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong) and invites founders and CEOs of technology companies, startups, policymakers and heads to ask together the question “where to next?”. The 2021 edition will bring together more than 700 speakers from the most important companies and realities at the moment - C-levels from Amazon, Spotify, Apple, etc., but also celebrities from sports, entertainment and culture. Politicians, journalists, experts, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs - and more. And this event is also the chance for many startups - just like us at Aptus.AI - to gain experience (and experiences!) and also to meet potential investors or partners. 

Aptus.AI’s way intersects again Web Summit’s path

Well, we’ll be there once again. Obviously for an innovative startup like ours, the Web Summit represents a must be event. While developing our AI solutions and exploiting Machine Learning models, it is essential to be up to date on what is happening around us. At Apus.AI we always monitor the landscape of the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies, NLP and Data Management techniques, but also the general situation of our society. And where else but at Web Summit? We have been working since 2018 with the aim to allow everyone to have the chance to digitally consult and get to understand laws, agreements, books, articles - in a word: any text. In these years we've pursued this goal in the RegTech field, allowing financial compliance professionals to easily access and navigate banking regulations. But we keep growing and moving forward, also exploiting chances just like the Web Summit. And we can’t wait to be there again.

Bringing Daitomic in the world, starting from Lisbon

For us at Aptus.AI the 2021 edition of the Web Summit is also the first possibility to bring Daitomic in the world and present it to potential investors or partners. Well, obviously we are already doing this on many channels, but the conference in Lisbon is the first event in presence after the launch of our AI solution. What is Daitomic? It is a RegTech platform that integrates cutting-edge AI technologies with an homogeneous legal standard, thus making banking regulations machine readable. It is a SaaS automatically updated in real-time, which also offers streamlined impact analysis and regulatory trends recognition, allowing compliance specialists to make more precise decisions and strategies. We are very much counting on Daitomic and we know that its potential can be expressed in many other fields besides financial compliance. The Web Summit organization has assigned to us an exhibition day and a company booth. Here’s ours:

  • Date: Wednesday, November 3rd
  • Stand number: A 609
  • Location: Pavilion 4, ALPHA 6

We’re looking forward to meeting anyone who’s interested in learning more about Aptus.AI and our AI RegTech solution, Daitomic. Get in touch and see you in Lisbon!

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