Aptus.AI’s 2023? A 3 million round, the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Group and… much more!

Aptus.AI’s 2023? A 3 million round, the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Group and... much more!

The most exciting year in Aptus.AI’s history comes to an end: let’s recap the most important events

If rapid and steady growth is included in the definition of fast-growth startup, maybe this year at Aptus.AI we’ve exceeded the limit. Humor aside, 2023 – especially in the last few months – has been a year truly full of exciting news and important milestones. But that’s not all. Over the course of 2023, the team at Aptus.AI has tripled in size, and its growth was not only in numbers, but also in awareness and conviction. And more. In fact, 2023 has been the starting point to keep on improving our RegTech SaaS and also to open up to new markets, also continuing on our path that aims to make law digitally accessible and democratize access to regulatory documents. But let the facts speak and let’s recap some of the most important moments of 2023 at Aptus.AI.

  • FEBRUARY 2: Aptus.AI participates at Bank of Italy’s 29th Assiom Forex conference (Milan)
    Concluding Aptus.AI’s journey alongside the Bank of Italy in the Fintech Milano Hub, our CEO Andrea Tesei participates as a speaker at the 29th Assiom Forex Conference.
  • SEPTEMBER 25-27: Aptus.AI is one of the top 3 Open Mic speakers at TechChill 2023 (Milan)
    At Tech Chill in Milan, Aptus.AI is selected as one of the top 3 startups to take the stage at the Open Mic to talk about how Generative AI can be exploited to make law accessible.
  • OCTOBER 3-4: Aptus.AI’s Generative AI presented as a use case at Forum Banca (Milan)
    During the 2023 edition of Forum Banca – one of the most important happenings for the Italian banking community – our CEO Andrea Tesei participated as a speaker in the panel discussion on “How to leverage Generative AI to create new products”.
  • NOVEMBER 28: Aptus.AI speaker at PwC Belgium’s event on sustainable finance (Brussels)
    Aptus.AI participates in PwC Belgium’s Innovation Day on sustainable finance, presenting its technology solution and having the opportunity to meet with major stakeholders involved in the introduction of new technologies in finance within the European Union.
  • DECEMBER 14: Aptus.AI finalist for PoliMi’s FinTech & InsurTech award (Milan)
    The committee of the FinTech & InsurTech Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano chooses Aptus.AI among the finalists of the annual award given to the most interesting companies in the sector.

Repeating the achievements of 2023 will be difficult… that’s why we aim to do even better in 2024!

In short, leaving behind such an exciting 2023 is not easy for us at Aptus.AI, but we are comforted by the confidence that 2024, now just around the corner, will be dotted with other great achievements and milestones that will lead us towards our goals. In the meantime, we just have to wish you a happy end of the year and an exciting 2024!