We are Aptus.AI

We want to shape knowledge, making it more democratic, accessible and accessible to everyone, shaping and adapting technology to serve human beings, enhancing its awareness and its possibilities of understanding with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

We are visionaries.

Our goal is to completely rethink the relationship between people and digital contents, changing the way people and machines interact with information sources.

We are adaptable.

Aptus” is a word derived from Latin, the meaning of which is suitable, ready, connected. Because in a changing world, we need to adapt ourselves and our innovation every day to new, increasingly complex needs.

We are creative.

We think outside the box, in unexplored directions, from different points of view, questioning each day and freeing all the creativity we have inside to identify new paths every day.

We are human.

For us technology is only a means. People, their well-being and their awareness, the highest end. We want to automate the most repetitive actions to free up time and resources for real human value added tasks.

We are dreamers.

We know how difficult it is to innovate in Italy and Italy, but we have the dream and ambition to revolutionize the compliance sector starting from our community and our territory.

We are one.

Each of us is fundamental, every partner is decisive. We listen to everyone’s ideas because everyone can make a difference. On your own you run faster, but together you get further.