Regulatory analysis in the simplest, smartest, and most interactive way.

Finally regulations can be analyzed and regulatory information can be spread among the compliance team by interacting with legal documents in an advanced way, thanks to a unique database, readable and analyzable, and to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

How difficult is it to analyze regulations simultaneously in an Ocean of documents?

Regulatory analysis activities imply the need to find all the most relevant documents from multiple sources and consult them simultaneously. Today interacting with regulatory texts is a slow, stressful and complex activity, because of the lack of adequate tools to navigate internally documents and between related regulations.

The most advanced RegTech compliance solution to navigate, research and browse regulations.

Aptus.AI allows finding all the regulations you need in one place, with a simplified view of the legal content, to immediately identify obligations, penalties, definitions and other useful information.

• A unique regulatory database that can be queried via advanced search.

• Regulations visualized with visual support to identify key elements and use hyperlink to browse external regulatory references.

• Instant legal responses provided by an integrated Generative AI chat to find the needed information need, rework, summarize and reformulate the regulatory context.

Aptus.AI facilitates Regulatory Advisory activities by allowing, in a single platform, access to all relevant documents and interact with the legislation in an advanced way, thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Compliance experts trust Aptus.AI.

Video-testimonies on how organizations use our solution to optimize compliance.

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