Born to revolutionize Regulatory Change Management.

Aptus.AI is one of the most advanced companies worldwide for the application of Artificial Intelligence to corporate compliance through the latest RegTech solutions and services.


We help companies change through AI.

We help companies transform their end-to-end compliance processes management through Artificial Intelligence, by making the legal information published by different issuers digitally accessible and automating the use and evaluation of the impact of the regulatory body on companies in highly regulated sectors.


Empower humans, shaping knowledge.

We exploit Artificial Intelligence to empower humans, improve the accessibility of information, democratize knowledge and increase citizens’ awareness.

From 2018 to the present, pioneers of the future.

Aptus.AI was born in Italy in 2018 as a disruptive response to an increasingly regulated financial market where, in particular following the 2008 crisis, compliance operators are in the need of analyzing a huge amount of legal documents to carry out their work.

In this context, the two founders Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei understand the incredible potential offered by the emerging industrial revolution represented by Artificial Intelligence. After years of studies, research and prototypes, in 2021 Aptus.AI launches its platform based on proprietary machine-readable technology.

In a short time, the solution becomes one of the most appreciated in the world of RegTech, chosen by major financial institutions and suitable for other highly regulated markets. The Aptus.AI team is multiplying and the company is recognized as one of the most promising innovative companies in the industry, a reference point to revolutionize Regulatory Change Management activities.

The rest is history, or better: future.
  • 2018

    Aptus.AI was born from an idea of the two founders Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei.

  • 2019

    Development of the first prototype based on proprietary machine readable-technology.

  • 2020

    The prototype is consolidated and refined thanks to several pilot projects in collaboration with important partners and financial institutions.

  • 2021

    Launch of Aptus.AI’s corporate compliance platform in the financial sector.

  • 2022

    Aptus.AI iss selected by the Bank of Italy for the Fintech Milano Hub and included in the Fin+tech Accelerator program.

  • 2023

    Closing of the agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo and an investment round of 3 million euro. Startupitalia selects Aptus.AI among the 10 best Italian startups.

Two founders, a shared disruptive philosophy.

Andrea Tesei

Andrea Tesei


Andrea Tesei has a PhD in Computer Engineering and has over 8 years of experience in big data companies and startups. For several years it has been operating within the RegTech market, combining a strong entrepreneurial spirit and solid technical skills in the IT and technological fields.

Lorenzo De Mattei

Lorenzo De Mattei


Specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Lorenzo De Mattei earned a PhD in Computer Science and contributed to various scientific publications. It has a long experience in the field of technology, concentrated more in the RegTech sector.