Updated regulatory news in real time.

The solution to turn compliance into a competitive advantage with a systematic monitoring of government institutional websites and an advanced reporting system. Everything, within a customized and intuitive dashboard.

How much time is wasted to monitor a continuously evolving regulatory landscape?

In highly regulated industries, following the most relevant regulatory changes for a specific organization is a complex and time-consuming activity. Without adequate resources and a strong work organization, there’s the risk of accumulating delays, incurring penalties and undermining the company reputation.

Automatic updates and anticipation on regulatory trends.

Offers real time updates on all the needed regulations and anticipations on regulatory trends that impact a specific organization.

• Daily alerts, tailored to the regulatory areas of interest.

• Interactive dashboard to support quantitative analytics and reporting activities.

• Possibility to plan in a strategic way all the regulatory compliance activities.

Aptus.AI facilitates Regulatory Sensing activities by eliminating the manual search for the regulatory changes that are relevant to your organization and enhancing regulatory compliance with an intuitive platform updated in real time.

Compliance experts trust Aptus.AI.

Video-testimonies on how organizations use our solution to optimize compliance.

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