Automated compliance processes and anticipations on the future of regulations.

The most advanced Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to corporate compliance allows delegating repetitive activities, reducing risks and enhancing business opportunities. Bringing compliance teams into the AI era.

A unique platform to manage compliance E2E.

Aptus.AI’s solution delivers innovative AI capabilities applied to corporate compliance in highly regulated industries.

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Continuous updates on the needed regulations


Offers automatic legal updates, customized according to any user’s preferences, thanks to a real-time monitoring of the official websites of the authorities, to speed up and streamline workflows.

Faster and more accurate regulatory analysis


Allows quickly searching for regulations between all legal sources, to navigate legal texts more extensively and to use an advanced regulatory search engine, thanks to the power of our machine-readable format.

Optimized sets of regulations to facilitate regulatory analysis


Enables creating and keeping up-to-date custom sets of regulations from different regulatory sources, with the possibility to add and remove entire documents or law parts, and navigate within your regulatory perimeter.

Automated first-time impact analysis for corporate compliance


Helps understanding the potential impacts of any regulatory update on a specific organization, by facilitating the creation of first-time impact analysis and helping reduce risk.

Anticipations on regulatory trends to generate new business opportunities


Allows analyzing regulations before their official publication, thus anticipating regulatory trends and creating effective compliance strategies, with a look to the future.

Instant and accurate answers about regulations by the Generative AI


Offers intuitive and immediate summaries of the main regulatory requirements, advanced reworkings and information on legal contexts through a cutting-edge conversational interface.

Our machine-readable technology can turn regulatory documents in the easiest format to read, study, navigate.

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