Optimization of regulatory compliance processes with an AI for Asset Management.

The RegTech platform successfully used by financial institutions, insurance firms, SGRs and Asset Managers to simplify the work of corporate compliance teams, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Transforming compliance into a competitive advantage with Aptus.AI.

The Asset Management market is highly regulated and the publication of regulatory updates is almost daily. This forces corporate compliance operators to analyze an incredible amount of legal documents in an ever-changing scenario.

Aptus.AI was created as a disruptive answer to this need, by making regulations digitally accessible and analyzable, automating processes and allowing compliance professionals to focus on high value-added activities.

With Aptus.AI all the regulatory sources of the Asset Management sector are mapped in real time.

The encyclopedia of regulations: all the issuers in a unique platform.

Navigate in a single point over 20.000 national, European and international regulatory documents, even before their entry into force and updated to the latest current version, specifically related to the regulatory framework of Asset Management.

Our solution can be integrated into the different processes of compliance teams.

Compliance teams enter the Artificial Intelligence era with Aptus.AI.

Here’s how Aptus.AI optimizes the processes of regulated organizations with its RegTech solution.

Compliance experts trust Aptus.AI.

Video-testimonies on how organizations use our solution to optimize compliance.

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Our machine-readable technology can turn regulatory documents into the easiest format to read, study, navigate.