The value of a proprietary technology.

The uniqueness of Aptus.AI is the creation of an advanced machine-readable format that simulates the human process of reading regulations, transforming every legal document into a digitized, readable and decodable format by Artificial Intelligence search engines.

We make legal information more accessible, for machines and humans.

Based on an international digital standard for legal documents Aptus.AI’s machine-readable format goes beyond syntax, with a semantic standard that also takes into account content, meaning and structure of documents, to allow AI to analyze and extract valuable information.


A unique patent.

Aptus.AI’s machine-readable format is a proprietary technology and a registered patent. It means that no other platform can use the same system you find in Aptus, perfected over years of study and research. In the future (maybe not too far), this technology could become the reference standard for issuing the norms of all countries in a format ready to be digitized.


The ideal innovation for corporate compliance.

From Finance to Insurance, from pharmaceutical companies to public administration. Aptus.AI’s machine-readable format can be applied in different industries supporting the work of law firms, accountants and compliance specialists.


Faster and more accurate workflows.

No more time wasted collecting news and updates from a thousand different sources. More time to dedicate to added value activities.

Our machine-readable technology can turn regulatory documents into the easiest format to read, study, navigate.