Intesa Sanpaolo will analyze laws with Artificial Intelligence… by Aptus.AI!

Intesa Sanpaolo will analyze laws with Artificial Intelligence... by Aptus.AI!

AI-powered financial regulatory analysis: here’s Intesa Sanpaolo’s press release

Confirming what stated on the Group’s official website, we are proud to announce that Intesa Sanpaolo has chosen to continue its path in adopting innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions together with us at Aptus.AI, introducing the use of AI also for regulatory analysis. Here is an excerpt from Intesa Sanpaolo’s press release: “Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian startup Aptus.AI – among the best Reg-Tech companies worldwide – Intesa Sanpaolo will be able to adopt a new operating model that will make the processes of defining the Group’s Regulatory Agenda more efficient and faster and will allow people to focus on high value-added analysis activities. Aptus.AI’s technology will support in particular on:

  • interception of new national and international regulations;
  • analysis of their impact on activities;
  • identification of risk areas in correlation with the Group’s internal regulations
  • automatic and customized creation of document collections for specific professional profiles.

The project was devised by the Group Regulatory Evolution Agenda with the support of Deloitte Risk Advisory and allows Intesa Sanpaolo to continue on the Group’s digitalization path”. Basically, exploiting our proprietary technology, Intesa Sanpaolo will be able to improve the interception of the growing amount of new national and international regulations, the analysis of their impact on activities and the identification of risk areas in correlation with internal regulations. In essence, thanks to the adoption of Aptus.AI’s proprietary technology, Intesa Sanpaolo’s regulatory analysis will be faster and more accurate, allowing the Group to save time and optimize its strategic decision-making process.

Another step towards the compliance revolution and accessibility of the law 

“Ever since we started as a small startup in the RegTech world, we have always dreamed of developing a technology that could really make a difference” – commented our CEO Andrea Tesei – “and to be chosen by Intesa Sanpaolo among so many startups from all over the globe is an immense satisfaction for us”. And it couldn’t be otherwise, since contributing to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence for the analysis of regulations in a company like Intesa Sanpaolo is not only a great source of pride, but also represents another step in the path started years ago towards the digital accessibility of the law and the democratization of legal information. Starting with a revolution in the world of compliance. As confirmed by the words of Marcello Mentini, Executive Head of Group Regulatory Evolution Agenda, regarding our solution not only as an answer to the challenges of Regulatory Change Management at 360°, but also as a tool capable of transforming compliance from a simple “cost center” into a true “generator of business opportunities”. In this context, the support of Deloitte Risk Advisory will be crucial to better implement the digitization process of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s activities and it will be a privilege to be part of this innovation journey together with them.