New dates, biggest numbers and… huger expectations: we’re ready for Web Summit 2023!

New dates, biggest numbers and... huger expectations: we’re ready for Web Summit 2023!

Web Summit 2023? Impossible for us to miss the event “where the future goes to be born”

Two souls have always coexisted within Aptus.AI. One dropped into the present, well rooted in current and concrete needs to be answered. The other, instead, not only looks to the future, but wants to help build it making sure that technology serves human beings and enhances their knowledge possibilities. That is why an occasion like the Web Summit, where truly “the future goes to be born” (The Atlantic), represents an event we really cannot miss. A place where we feel at home. This is the event that “defines the ecosystem” (The Guardian) of the tech industry, but it is also the one “that bridges the gap between creativity and technology” (Forbes), as reported on the home page of the official Web Summit website. In short, there are so many good reasons to take part in the Web Summit once again. Although the main motivation for going to Lisbon again this year was best summed up in the inauguration letter of the new Web Summit CEO, Katherine Maher (recently appointed following the resignation of her predecessor), who defined the company’s mission with these words: “connect people and ideas that change the world” and “facilitating discussions among everyone involved in technological progress”.

From 150 people in Dublin to the brand new CEO in 2023: the 14-year history of the Web Summit

To learn more about the Web Summit phenomenon, we can refer to its history, which turns 14 years old this year. As Katherine Maher reminds us, Web Summit was born in Dublin from “150 people in a cramped lecture room”, but it has grown exponentially to become the place “where the giants of the web come together” (The Wall Street Journal), being, in fact, the largest and best organized networking and discussion opportunity for the European (and more) tech industry. A truly unique context, as much for fast-growing startups, like us at Aptus.AI, as for large global companies, investors and media interested in understanding the direction the tech industry will take in the coming year. That is why, like every year, Web Summit 2023 brings with it many expectations and expectations from all those who will attend, each with their own goals. One above all is to interact and meet with other technology professionals, people from other backgrounds, and learn about different points of view. All peculiarities that have characterized Web Summit since that first edition in 2009 in a Dublin hotel. Quoting Web Summit’s new CEO again, this has always been “a place for fresh ideas to find lightning-in-a-bottle opportunities, and for established wisdom to receive new hearing” and a place that sees “technology not just as an industry but as a force transforming business, politics, and society”. Today, after 14 years, the Lisbon Web Summit is once again ready to bring together founders and C-levels of tech companies and startups, as well as policymakers and heads of state, all to ask an increasingly crucial question for the future we want to build: “where are we going?”. To mention just a few numbers reported on the official Web Summit website, the 2023 edition will bring together more than 800 speakers, more than 900 investors and 2.600 startups, as well as politicians, legislators, journalists, athletes, artists, innovators, intellectuals, entrepreneurs – and more.

How we expect Web Summit 2023… and how to reach us if you are in Lisbon

In light of what we have just told you about the Web Summit, it should be quite obvious that, for a company like ours, it is impossible to miss this event. This is the third consecutive year in which we participate as an exhibitor and the second in which we are selected as a partner of the Italian Trade Agency, after last year’s edition. The possibility of having our own booth, in fact, is really valuable, since it allows us to meet all the people interested in the work we do in Aptus.AI, tell them about our journey and where we are headed. But beyond that, the Web Summit is a unique opportunity to be up-to-date on everything that’s going on in the global technology landscape. And not only in our specific field – Artificial Intelligence and digital accessibility of texts – but also with respect to the trends and directions the tech industry will take in the months to come. Because, for a startup like Aptus.AI, it is as essential to follow technological developments as it is to identify growth and business opportunities. Moreover, now that our solution has made its way in the RegTech market, the Web Summit 2023 is also an opportunity to talk about it to those who may be interested. And, this year, we are also strengthened both by our recent agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo Group and the selection of our AI technology under the European Commission’s NGI Search initiative. Indeed, with our solution we make the law digitally accessible, exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver accurate and up-to-date legal information in real-time. But also automated analyses, customizable email notifications, optimized impact analyses and a regulatory outlook tool. As well as our regulatory Chat, the Generative AI’s innovative service that allows users to chat directly with regulations and instantly get legal answers that would have taken hours of work. If you are also at the Lisbon Web Summit and would like to get to know us better, we would be happy to welcome you to our booth to talk about our RegTech platform and the whole Aptus.AI world.

Here below you can find our location.

  • Booth duration: from Tuesday, November 14, to Thursday, November 16 (3 days)
  • Booth number: PS1426
  • Area: Pavillon 5

See you in Lisbon!