Adapt while being true to ourselves: here’s Aptus.AI’s new visual identity

The Latin term aptus designates something suitable, fit, effective with respect to one’s goal. A concept that presupposes that of change, namely the process of transformation that enables someone or something to adapt to a new context or to be fit for a new goal.

For us at Aptus.AI, therefore, adaptability is a distinctive and representative aspect of who we are. The ability to adapt is part of us, starting from our name.

That is also why we decided to change. In particular, we decided to refresh our visual identity, to reflect the growth of these years, and to wear new graphics, which are more suitable to our new role in the RegTech market.

In fact, we have grown a lot in all respects during the past year. Our team members have quadrupled, and with them, also our skills and expertise. But also the number of companies that rely on us has grown, together with the number of partners and the general awareness of Aptus.AI brand. A new, and more suitable outfit for a grown-up company – so to speak – was therefore necessary.

Aptus.AI’s new visual identity is the result of an exciting and complex teamwork, that made us look in the mirror and confirm who we are. It has been an opportunity for further growth and improvement, also with respect to our RegTech platform. Which will change name, returning from Daitomic to be “Aptus”, both in terms of name and graphics… but we can’t anticipate too much for the moment.

This new look, however, does not change our goal, that is to use Artificial Intelligence to make law accessible to everyone, improving the digital availability of legal documents and democratizing access to regulations.

A goal that we are approaching every day, with our everyday work aimed at enabling companies to transform compliance from a “business blocker” into a competitive advantage. And this can be done just by exploiting our platform, which allows repetitive tasks to be delegated to AI, freeing up time for human resources and bringing companies in an new era, in which compliance can finally play a proactive and strategic role

Today we change our suite, but the future we want to help build was already imagined from the very early beginnings of Aptus.AI. Precisely since our founders, Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei, created Aptus.AI in Pisa to answer the need of adequate technological tools to analyze a huge amount of legal documents on a daily basis, in such an increasingly regulated sector as the financial one. 

Since then, we walked a long way, we have grown and adapted. And now Aptus.AI is one of the most promising innovative companies in the RegTech industry and a benchmark for those who, like us, want to revolutionize Regulatory Change Management activities.

So far, Aptus.AI’s growth has never stopped and it is set to continue. Also thanks to our new outfit, which does not change who we are, but is definitely more aptus to our new status within the RegTech market.